Welcome to Save Me A Slice Cakes. Amazing speciality cakes for all occasions. I am a Qualified Dessert Chef of over 10 years, working at such places like, Pier restaurant- Rose Bay Sydney, Salt Restaurant -Darlinghurst, and Il Centro- Eagle Pier ,Brisbane.
      After having my 2 kids, I found myself as a stay at home mum. Then getting the chance to play with fondant on their birthday cakes, I found myself wanting to know more. I then started to experiment on family and friends. And with a big push from a friend I found myself with a name, 'Save Me A Slice '. Which is what we all say when there is cake to be had. So  armed with a name, and a hunger to make and learn more about fondant cakes, I now found myself in an adventure of baking and creating amazing cakes for family, friends and clients.
      Being a small home based licenced business, I can provide you with personal one on one service to understand your wants and needs. The designs are only limited by your imagination. By paying attention to the little details, you will have that edible piece of art your guests will be talking about long after the event.
      All cakes are made to order and individually designed using fresh ingredients, whole eggs, cake flour, real butter and good quality Callabeaut chocolate. For the fruit cake lovers, I use Australian dried fruit and soak them in Bundaberg Dark Rum. Almonds and cherries give it a traditional taste and fresh orange zest and juice give it something special from me.
      I offer a quality product and will work within your budget to create the cake of your dreams. Specialising in Novelty cakes, I can also help you celebrate Birthdays, Engagements and weddings with a cake to suit your theme and style. No cake  is too big or too small. Cakes are best ordered 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Cake dates are not held without a deposit and all quotes are valid for 1 month.
      I offer many flavours for Milk, White and Dark chocolate mud cakes as well as butter cakes and  swirled flavours ( scroll down to see full list).
      Please have a look around my page, and if there is something your after and find some thing you just  love or just can't find it ( means I just haven't had the opportunity to make it yet)  contact me via the contact page or email me
  Chocolate                                    Lemon Poppy Seed
  Vanilla                                         Orange Poppy Seed
  Strawberry Swirl                          Lemon/lime
  Caramel Swirl                              Coconut
  Raspberry swirl                           
  Tia-Maria swirl                             Pina Colada
  Orange                                         Banana
  Red Velvet,                                   White Velvet
   English Gingerbread cake             Black Forest
                                  MUD CAKES
    MILK OR DARK                                              WHITE
    Milk                                                                  White
     Dark                                                                 Coconut
     Baileys                                                             Baileys
     Kahlua                                                             Pina Colada
     Caramel                                                          Caramel
     Red Velvet                                                      Coffee swirl
     Cherry Ripe                                                    Raspberry swirl
     Peppermint                                                    Caramel Swirl
     Hazelnut                                                         Chocolate Swirl
     Ferrero Rocher                                             Strawberry Swirl
            GANACH                                             BUTTER CREAM
   Milk, Dark, White                                         Vanilla Bean
   Coconut                                                        Chocolate
   Raspberry                                                     Lemon
   Tia-Maria                                                       Strawberry
   Kahlua                                                           Raspberry
   Jaffa                                                               White Chocolate
   Espresso                                                       Jaffa
   Citrus                                                             Espresso
   Coconut/lime                                                 Coconut
   Baileys                                                           Pina-Colada
   Ferrero   Rocher                                            Key lime
   Caramel                                                          Cherry/vanilla
   Hazelnut                                                         Cherry/chocolate
                                                                                             Caramel Apple
      Mud cakes are best filled and iced with chocolate ganache, butter cakes can have buttercream and/or ganache, before being covered with fondant and decorated.  I do recommend  gnach in the warmer months as it holds up better. Cakes do not need to be refrigerated, but kept in a cool room out of direct sunlight.  Cup cakes are available, min 1 doz, prices start from $4.50 each.  Mini cakes are a great idea for your dessert option starting at $8.50 each Cup cake stands are not provided, i do have them for hire. Delivery is available for a small fee.
     Cakes require a  non-refundable deposit, which is then deducted off the cost of the cake. All cakes/cupcakes $100 or less must be paid in full. Cakes are to be paid for 2 week prior to pick up or delivery date. Dates will not be held without a deposit.
   Prices are determined by sizeshapeflavour and style of cake. Average price for a 8 inch round chocolate mud with a simple design starts from $180
   To quote a cake I will need to know the flavour, style, date and how many people you need to feed, also if it is a dessert (1" x 2" x 4")  or just a wedding/coffee slice (1" x 1" x 4")  other sizes are available.
   If you have a picture of your design please send it through.  No task is too small or too strange, I am willing to work with you on any design for free.  Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me on the contact us page or:
  I am now offering private lessons to learn the art of making sugar flowers, happy to work with you on what you want to learn.

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                               CABOOLTURE QLD
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